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I'm Josee, I have transformed from a negative person to a happy, positive person and I'm able to inspire others to their own greatness. 

My goal is to provide valuable life lessons to bring positivity & light to children teens & adults with my books, talks, meditations & on-line courses.

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Corporate Talks


Welcome to a completely different approach to performance and success. What’s the secret sauce you ask.....HAPPINESS!!

Many companies ignore the fact that their biggest asset is a human component. More than dollars, goods and services, it is people that are at the core of any business. Individual well-being has an enormous impact on creating a positive culture which in turn fosters a successful business or organization.


Research shows that happy employees are more motivated, productive and engaged. In other words, HAPPINESS DRIVES SUCCESS!

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An on-line course for school aged children in grades 3-8. Focused on igniting children's inner greatness to ultimately shine their light on others and make their school, community and world a better place.


I believe that we don't have a bullying problem, rather we have a compassion deficit disorder. My program addresses the root cause of the negativity and focuses on the solution...from the inside out.

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