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Welcome to a completely different approach to performance and success. What’s the secret sauce you ask.....HAPPINESS!!











Are you looking for a way to create a more positive work environment, mutual respect between employees, better teamwork, better customer satisfaction and create an all round pleasant place to work? If your answer is yes, then the key lies in sparking the happiness within each employee in your organization.


"Happiness is one of the greatest competitive advantages in the modern economy."

Shawn Achor (Harvard University)

My Approach:









In my one hour corporate presentation, employees will learn important keys to sparking happiness from within. They include accepting and believing in oneself, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, being more present at work and at home, having a positive mindset, dreaming big and most importantly helping staff realize that they can make their work environment a better place by being kind to each other.


There is a vast difference between someone showing up for their minimum hours, plugging away at something that means nothing to them, not happy or even depressed to come in every day versus a person who comes in joyful, full of self-confidence, with an attitude of gratitude, focusing on the good and is kind to all of the team.



  • Self acceptance and self-confidence

  • Having an attitude of gratitude Being more present

  • The importance of having a positive mindset

  • Dreaming big (individually and as a team)

  • The importance of being kind (teamwork and respect at work and home)

Many companies ignore the fact that their biggest asset is a human component. More than dollars, goods and services, it is people that are at the core of any business. Individual well-being has an enormous impact on creating a positive culture which in turn fosters a successful business or organization.


Research shows that happy employees are more motivated, productive and engaged. In other words, HAPPINESS DRIVES SUCCESS!


I believe that success is not the key to happiness. It is happiness that is the key to success. Your attitude and how you chose to see life is everything.

Give individuals tools to be happier in their lives and you have a total game changer not only for them personally but for the success of your company.

Imagine the power of igniting the joy and inner greatness of the individuals in your company and all working together to truly work together for the greater good.

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This is for your business if...

  • You genuinely care about the happiness and well being of your employees

  • You want to inspire each individual to their greatest potential

  • You would like more positivity in your work environment

  • You would like more kindness and respect in your work environment

  • You understand that positive and encouraging leadership is important to make real, lasting changes

  • You understand that happy individuals contribute to quality teamwork and in turn will have a positive influence on your business


This is NOT for your business if...

  • You only care about profits and the bottom line at the cost of your employees’ well being

  • You blame the employees for all the current problems in your business

  • You want a motivational sales talk

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