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I created the Super Spark meditations to help children and teenagers experience the peace, harmony, love and joy that lies within them. These concepts are challenging to teach with words alone. However, children experiencing self-acceptance, compassion and stillness from within is very powerful and can create lasting change. Just a spark is needed to ignite the light that is already within. As the saying goes: “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime."

Since becoming a realtor, I have decided to offer all the meditations I created for free via YouTube.

All the meditation videos along with descriptions are below:



This meditation was created to ignite the loving-kindness, empathy and compassion that is within every child. Compassion and kindness can be active or very dormant at times. With repeated use, this mediation can teach children to be naturally more compassionate without being told to be kind. * You can listen to this meditation on the Youtube video above. 

School use:

It is ideal to use in class, groups and assemblies to create the feeling of ‘being in this together’. It can be used on an individual basis for students showing bullying behaviour. It is also beneficial for the victims of bullying who feel hurt.

Home use:

This meditation works well anywhere, for any age group, individually or in groups (parents and children together, in youth groups, etc.)


















This mediation was created to give children a moment of peace and tranquility during their very busy day. It is designed to get them to breath deeply, allowing their minds and bodies to decompress, giving them an opportunity to let go of all worries. This meditation works well individually and in groups. It has an overall calming effect and can be used at any time. 

School use:

Students and teachers can benefit greatly from a pause in a busy school day. It can help calm students as well as refresh them, causing them to have better focus. It’s especially helpful for those experiencing anxiety and anger issues and can help students calm down when they are overly energetic. 

 Home use:

The same benefits apply to children listening to this at home. Try it individually and together as a family. 
















Negative self-talk and a low opinion about oneself is at the root cause of many problems. Accepting and loving yourself is the foundation for living a happy life. Once children accept themselves, they will feel better about themselves, develop more self-confidence and therefore, be less influenced by others. The more children accept themselves, the more they will be able to accept others as they are. 

School use:

This meditation was created specifically to help victims of bullying. The victims of bullying feel vulnerable and can forget how unique and awesome they are. This meditation will remind them that they are perfect and to accept and love themselves just as they are.

It will also help children who are showing bullying behaviour. I believe that children who hurt others do not value themselves and have very low self-esteem. Once they love, accept and value themselves, they are less likely to harm others.

This particular meditation works best on an individual basis and is especially powerful when listened to with headphones or at least with no outside noise or interruptions.

Home use:

Children, no matter what they experience at school, can have low self-esteem and a less than ideal image of themselves. Listening to this meditation in the comfort of their home is ideal. With repeated use, it can ignite their true self and help with self-confidence.
















This meditation can help children ease into sleep. Similar to adults, children can have a mind that wonders and is busy when they go to bed. They can think about the troubles they are having, whether it be issues at school, self-confidence issues or family troubles causing them to feel anxious and stressed. This will help them let go of their day, relax their body and their mind and drift into a deep sleep.

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